BMW among one of the most reputable companies

BMW along with Sony and Walt Disney have been named one of the most reputable companies in the world according to a marketing study.
Research across 15 different nations

In total 15 different countries and 47,055 people were asked about various topics including Research and Development, governance, workplace, leadership, citizenship and the financial performance of top companies by the Reputation Institute.

BMW hitting 85.79 points
BMW came out on top with 80.08 points altogether. That represents an increase of 0.65 on the previous year. Of all categories mentioned above, BMW came out in the top ten. In the company’s home country of Germany, BMW managed to achieve 85.79 points. The United States and Japan received respectable scores which were within the 70’s.

A remarkable achievement
Experts have said that achieving marks above 80 on a global scale is nothing short of remarkable. Gaining such a strong reputation and connection in other markets outside of your home country shows great strength in character.

Sony came in second place with 79.31 points altogether. That score represented an increase of 0.25 points on 2011. Sony is well known for their high quality products. Sony featured in the top ten markets of 13 markets from the 15 selected. They surprisingly lagged behind in the home region of Asia, recording a score of just 76.15 points in Japan and were also number 50 in the South Korean list.

Walt Disney managed to come third in the list. They were down by 0.58 points from their 2011 score, eventually hitting 78.92 points altogether. One of the main reasons behind this was said to be that the companies had more of a mixed reputation when compared to other companies. The reputation of the company in the likes of Japan and Australia were excellent but in countries such as China and France the company’s reputation fell dramatically.

Mercedes-Benz was the next automotive company in the list, hitting 78.54 points which represents a dip of 0.49 points. Volkswagen another German company also made the top 10 of the list with 77.04 points.
Apple was just behind Mercedes-Benz with 78.49 points which represents a fall of 1.29 points from the year before.
The rest of the top ten comprised of Google, Microsoft and Canon, with 78.05 points, 77.98 points and 76.98 points respectively.