BMW 3 Series turned into real life Transformer

BMW-3-Series-turned-into-real-life-TransformerSince they first appeared on our screens over thirty years ago, many of us have wondered what it would be like to have our very own Transformer. Many of us who grew up watching Optimus Prime battle it out against Megatron, have allowed our imaginations to run riot, at least once or twice over the years. Now, thanks to an ingenious Turkish company, that dream of owning your own Autobot has moved a step nearer to reality.

Videos on Gizmodo – the science and technology website – are showing footage of a transforming robot based on a BMW 3 Series coupe. The videos show ‘Letrons’, as the enormous red Transformer has been called, being put through its paces by an operator using a remote control.

The footage shows Letrons, in normal BMW format drive itself slowly into a parking space fringed with lawn sculptures and giant suits of cartoon armour. Then the cool stuff happens. The 3 Series, slowly but majestically transforms and stands aloft as a robot, swivels its head, flashes its lights, flexes its ‘robot’ muscles, than transforms back into a BMW and drives off.

Letvision – the company behind the robot – say that Letrons is just a prototype, and the only functioning version of a fleet of Transformers based on BMWs. They plan to release further models over the coming months, with names such as Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram, and Tantal. The cost of these Turkish Transformers has not yet been released, but a car that turns into a robot in unlikely to come cheap!

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