The new BMW X6

bmw-x6The new BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe is so unique that when it was released it was described as being in a league of its own. That’s because there wasn’t another vehicle within it’s category.

That may have been seen as a risky move by BMW but it was in fact a stroke of genius. It turned out there was a gap in the market for that type of vehicle. In three years there have been over 150,000 BMW X6’s sold  throughout the world.

So what’s new with the X6?

The exterior has a great number of changes throughout. This  includes new adaptive LED headlights which are a change from twin circular headlights. The front end has been revised with a different type of design of the kidney grille, making it look more aggressive and menacing. The horizontal LED glowing bars help to give the vehicle a wider stance. Autocar’s headline for the new X6 describes it as being more ‘aggressive’. A spokesperson for BMW said that they are planning to give the X6 an independent type of look from other models within their line-up. They have certainly achieved that feat.

The BMW X6 mixes elegance, power, aggression and class. On top of that you’ll get economy with the vehicle’s EfficientDynamics technology. Despite the car’s size, it is surprisingly agile.

Outsanding Performance

The xDrive50i V8 is able to produce an outstanding 407 BHP whereas the X6 xDrive35i will push out an impressive 306 BHP. An 8 speed sports transmission will bring out a great deal of excitement for the driver.

This time round there will be a new BMW X6M will be released. Any vehicle with the fearsome M badge gets the respect of everyone. This will contain a V8 TwinPower turbo engine which is able to race from 0 – 62 MPH in just 5.3 seconds. The car is able to reach an unbelievable 555 BHP. It’s aluminium brakes have a great deal of stopping power, the quality you would expect from such a powerful car. The callipers will be painted in blue.

As mentioned the X6 was released as a wholly unique type of vehicle. Ever since it’s great success, rivals Audi, Mercedes-Benz and even Land Rover have announced that they are to release such vehicles matching the same segment.