The new BMW X1 xLine

Today we take a look at the new BMW X1 xLine. It looks like a fine mini sports utility vehicle, being a wonderful alternative to the Audi Q3 and the Land Rover Evoque.
The car has a splendid 25d diesel engine within. Expert testers claim that the engine’s maximum amount of power will hit 215 BHP with combined economy of 51.4 MPG.
The eight speed transmission gearbox mates perfectly to the engine, helping to optimise performance and power. Economy gains are also evident which such a brilliant gearbox transmission. This is available throughout the new BMW X1 line-up.
The car has a new refreshed and improved designed too. This includes an extended body colouring. The lights have also been re-designed to appear more modern. There is also extra aluminium detailing around the car.
The engine is said to be quiet, but everyone will be able to tell that it runs on diesel, which is not necessarily a good thing. Cruising at low speeds will bring about slight comfort. Speeding up and you will hear the engine rumbling. That’s what you get for an engine that is designed to bring about more economy rather than comfort or speed. The engine does shake about quite a lot. Going over bumps will not be the most comfortable thing in the world.
The car does handle well. Sitting high the driver gets an excellent view of the road ahead. Being a four wheel drive the car has a great balance to it. The electric steering allows the agility of the vehicle to be made the most out of. The BMW X1 xLine grips fantastically to the road helping the body roll to keep to a minimum.
Economy is the vehicle’s biggest selling point. The car will more economical than the Land Rover Evoque, giving the target market quite a tough choice. The start stop technology is standard within the X1 has significantly helps the vehicle achieve such great figures.
Practicality wise the car is very spacious with enough room for five adults.
Acceleration wise the car doesn’t perform too badly hitting a time of 6.8 seconds when racing from 0 – 62 MPH.
If the BMW X1 xLine sounds like something you fancy, it will cost you £33,405.