The brand new BMW X6 and BMW M6 Convertible

The new BMW X6

The new BMW X6 has been restyled and looks better than ever. There have been a number of changes within the interior and the exterior.

Changes to the front

The front of the car has seen the most changes. The BMW X6 has been made a lot wider, clearly distinguishing the vehicle between the X5. The fog lights are now finished in matt giving a classier look to the vehicle.

Changes to the rear

The rear of the BMW X5 has also seen a great revamp. The newly shaped LED lights along with the style changes help give the vehicle a more intimidating type of look.

The car has a mass amount of storage space within, making it one of the most practical vehicles in it’s class. There is a total of 570 litres of space which can be increased to 1,450 litres if necessary with the rear seats folding down. The owner is able to opt for a 3 seater bench. As standard the vehicle will contain leather Nevada. As an optional extra the car will contain Vermillion Red.

Sound good? The BMW X6 xDrive 35i will have a starting price of £47,545 with the X6 M50d costing £62,280.

The BMW M6 Convertible

This time round the customers will uniquely be able to configure their BMW M6 convertible online before purchase. BMW will make full use of online technology in order to entice customers towards the buying the new M6 convertible. The modification software used for the BMW M6 is something truly remarkable. To start off with this particular feature will only be made available on the BMW M6 Convertible, not the M6 Coupe as the Convertible is set to be released first.

5 categories

There is plenty to modify using BMW’s new software, meaning users will be stuck on the configuration for hours without getting bored. There will be 5 categories to choose from at first which themselves contain further sub categories. The five categories will be the Accessories, Interior, Exterior, Optional extras and Packages.

Influenced by Need for Speed

Those of you who love playing Need for Speed and configuring their car are sure to have fun using BMW’s new tool. It is said to be greatly inspired by the game’s modification mode. BMW are the first to offer this type of online service