The BMW MINI brand to be made locally in India

BMW MINI is set to assemble vehicles in India in order to localise the brand. There are an endless amount of benefits to localising cars in India at the moment.

Perhaps the main benefit is that of bringing costs down. If the MINI brand was to be assembled in India, it would effectively allow the brand to mark the prices of their vehicles a lot cheaper. Pricing in India is extremely important, more so than other countries. Effective pricing goes a very long way especially in an emerging car market. With car production occurring in India parts and labour will be cheaper. That will then be passed onto the price of the vehicle once it is placed in the showroom. At the moment the price of the MINI is way too expensive, turning away many potential customers. Something needs to be done in that respect. Assembling MINI models in India will certainly help drag the costs down. Duty and import costs drive prices up by a ridiculous amount.

Localising MINI vehicles in India will also help the company to attract more customers. With certain element of Indian culture instilled into the vehicle, the iconic MINI will be taken too very well by the Indian car market.
At the moment the BMW MINI brand is somewhat of a strange concept in India at the moment. It doesn’t quite fit into the small car category (which is the country’s most popular) such as the Ford Fiesta or the family hatchback category (such as the Audi A3). MINI India clearly needs to think of a new and effective strategy to help improve sales of the UK based company.

The Indian Auto Expo earlier this year saw MINI showcase some wonderful vehicles, drawing in plenty of fans and attention. However MINI has failed to capitalise on the positive press since, with many deeming the vehicle as too expensive.

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class will act as a rival to the MINI. The B-Class will have the upper hand in terms of price, giving them a strong advantage.

If BMW MINI’s production was to arrive in India, the likes of the MINI Cooper, the MINI Cooper S, the MINI Cooper convertible along with the MINI Countryman are said to be the models in line to be produced at factories.