The BMW M550d will not arrive here in the UK


BMW have announced some bad news for us in the UK. The BMW M550d model will not arrive here in the UK.

The diesel version of the M powered engine was very highly anticipated across the world. Fans are disappointed at hearing the news seeing as the car promised to be an exceptional vehicle.

Only available as an xDrive vehicle

The BMW M550d only comes available with an xDrive four wheel drive system. BMW have not made this available for right hand drive vehicles. This has never been considered by the luxury car maker if they were to decide upon that now, it would make any sense financially to the company as it would cost those millions.

Low demand?

Although fans were disappointed, many of them would not be able to afford it as the car would cost around £68,000. Would there be many takers? Demand would be low here in the UK.

Coping with the torque would prove to be difficult

Carsten Pries, the Head of BMW M Automobile’s Head of Product Management said that UK drivers would be able to cope with the 740 Nm produced in torque. Mercedes-Benz use stability control management to handle this particular type of situation.

Not just a minor change

Creating a rear wheel drive version of the M550d for the UK would be like creating a whole new variant according to Mr Pries. This would cost the company a lot of money which would be taken away from various other BMW developments. These include the BMW M135i, the BMW M50d, BMW X5 and BMW X6 which are all set to incorporate a brand new engine.

Mr Pries did however off sympathy for UK motorists who he recognised do have a passion for high performance estate vehicles such as the Audi RS4.

Savings would not equate to very much

The reason behind a rear wheel drive BMW M550d not being developed was that the savings made between this and the xDrive variant would equate to just £2,120.  The BMW xDrive adapts to more motorists throughout the world the company concluded.

Diesel BMW models are available to purchase but in terms of the balance between performance and economy, they do not cover for the loss of the M550d. The car is one for long drives that provide plenty of fun. Being part of the M division, you can imagine the amount of fun that the vehicle is able to give to the driver.