The BMW 650i xDrive

Forget about the generation BMW 3 Series, everyone seems to be talking about the new line up of the BMW 6 Series. After already previewing the 640d and the 640i, we take a look at the upcoming 650i in our blog post today.

The rivals

The BMW 650i xDrive coupe is surprisingly not officially considered as a direct rival to the Porsche 911 Carrera, despite having very similar looks. The car’s main rivals will be the four door variants of other luxury manufacturers of the Audi A7 And the Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Cost to America

In America it will cost a staggering $101,500 for the entry level version.

Power within

The car will be able to produce a thunderous amount of power, with it blasting out a maximum of 400 BHP from it’s twin turbo V8 engine. The gear transmission will consist of eight gears and paddle shifters.


There is said to be an amazing top speed of 250 km/h. In less than five seconds the car is said to be able to reach an outstanding 0 – 100 km/h. Clearly the car is very powerful on all performance levels.

2+2 seating

There are 2 seats at the rear which are mainly only suitable for children. Adults would not find them comfortable with some not even being able to fit.


The xDrive label on the model means that the car is in fact an all wheel drive vehicle. This helps when during moments of racing round corners with speeds and the general handling of the vehicle.

Drive platform

BMW have followed fellow German automakers Volkswagen and have adopted the idea of platform sharing. The BMW 650i xDrive contains the same platform as that of the 7-Series and the 5-Series.

Great sounding engine

When the driver wants the car shift, it develops a wonderful roar from the engine, according to many experts.

Luxurious features throughout

Inside the cabin there comes a wonderful amount of luxury. The leather seats are cream coloured. The driver and front passenger can find their perfect seating position with many adjustments available to be experimented with. There is even an option for under thigh support which is quite a unique feature.

iDrive system

The BMW 650i contains an iDrive system which helps to manage the navigation, audio features and more.

M Package

The M package will give you LED fog lights, an M style steering wheel, a sports exhaust plus 20 inch alloy wheels.