The BMW 328i Touring

The BMW 3 Series is as everyone knows, the company’s bestselling vehicle. Its popularity is there for everyone to see, as most luxury cars you on the road will be 3 Series.

For those who require a slight bit more practicality within their model, the BMW 328i Touring maybe better suited. The difficulty with estate versions of vehicles is keeping the driving experience and attractiveness looks wise when compared to the saloon version.
Naturally larger, the car had 495 litres of space within its boot, which equals to having 35 litres more than the model that it replaces. The electric boot lid opens independent from the rear window, allowing storage to be made easier if their hands are full.

The 2.0 litre turbo engine is capable of hitting a maximum of 242 BHP, making it quite a powerful vehicle for its type. To begin with, the car will only be having a petrol engine to start with. The car will come with a six speed manual gearbox, reaching 0 – 62 MPH in just six seconds. The car’s top speed will be limited to 155 MPH, returning 43.5 MPG and 152g/km of C02.

The Audi A4 2.0 litre TFSI and the Mercedes C250 are beaten along a straight line by the BMW 328i Touring. The fact that the car is rear wheel drive means that it handles wonderfully too. The car can take corners with speed whilst being stabilised.
The car will be made available with M Sport badges too. These will give the vehicle 18 inch alloy wheels, a splendid looking body kit and other sporty features.

The standard amount of equipment is perhaps what you would expect of BMW. There is a two zone climate control system, leather seats and Bluetooth connectivity ability. Extras include a satellite navigation system, a reversing camera and adaptive suspension. The standard £33,400 price might be just enough without the need for any extra equipment.

Although the petrol version is fast and also fuel efficient at the same time, it is not as fuel efficient compared to the diesel models. It is difficult to see the petrol engine outselling the diesels but for those who want a practical car which fast, fairly efficient and fun to drive, the BMW 328i Touring is definitely worth going for.