The 2013 BMW X1

The 2013 BMW X1 has been updated for the New Year. It was certainly needed given the stiff competition from other areas of the luxury SUV market.

Some of the outer body exterior has been altered for nicer coloured body panels. The LED headlights give a nice distinctive look to the vehicle as do the newly designed alloy wheels. The inside of the car has been changed quite a bit too. There are higher quality materials within.

A BMW upgrade just wouldn’t be the same without work being done to the engine. The car now has many significant tweaks helping the car to be a lot more fuel efficient. The Efficient Dynamics editions are especially fuel efficiency conscious. There is now an Eco Pro mode too which maximises efficiency out of several components around the vehicle.

Powerful and efficient

The twin turbo 2.0 litre diesel engine within the xDrive25d is quite impressive. The average fuel economy will reach a very decent 47.9 MPG. Power has increase also by 14 BHP, with the maximum figure now being 215 BHP. Average emissions are now reduced to 154g/km from 158g/km. This is enough to allow the vehicle to drop down a tax band.

Despite the efficiency increasing the car still remains powerful. It is not particularly quick off the mark but it is powerful once the car gets going. The two turbo engines work wonderfully together. Selecting the eight speed automatic gearbox will give the vehicle a smoother drive. The automatic version now comes with stop-start technology. This effectively means that the auto is more efficient than the manual. The vehicle averages around 51.4 MPG and emits only 145g/km of C02.

The BMW X1 handles itself pretty well on sharp bends too. The road noise is minimised down when your inside, delivering that feeling of comfort. The only available system within the car is a four wheel drive considering the great amount of power that is required to be transferred.

Some reviews have said that although the dashboard is nicely laid out, they are not quite up to standard when compared to the Audi Q3.  There is only room for four as well. Three adults at the back will prove to be quite uncomfortable. At the rear the boot has around 420 litres of space. When folded down there is around 1350 litres which is quite a considerable amount.

The Audi Q3 may prove to be a better option than the new BMW X1.