Solar power incentive from BMW

The BMW ActiveE may be one of the technologically advanced cars available, but no one expected them to offer such an incentive. According to reports in the United States, owning the ActiveE will give you cheaper rates of home electricity with the use of solar panels.

Different packages offered

BMW joined forces with Real Goods Solar in order to bring about energy that is not dependent on fossil fuels. Real Goods Solar will have the role of installing solar panels at owners of the ActiveE’s homes with a 35 per cent discount. There will many types of packages offered with the product including a pre-pay lease, purchase of the whole system upfront as well as a 20 year lease. Purchasing solar panels at a wonderful discounted price of 35 per cent off would be an ideal solution if you charge your car during the day. Typically that is not the ideal situation for most. Most drivers will charge up their vehicle during the evening. They would be re-charging their battery from the grid.

Why not? Cheaper electricity

The installation of the system will be handled by Real Goods Solar as well as the permit permission. A 20 year leasing option will incur costs of the electricity. Electricity would be provided by Real Goods Solar themselves, with them acting as a type of utility company. Their rates would be a huge discount from a typical utility company. However if you move house and the next owner does not want the current system in place, the only way to be released from the contract is to purchase the system at whatever the value of the system is at the time.  In our opinion, if this situation was to arise, the new owners would certainly be better off with the new system as they would be paying less for electricity.

A better experience all round awaits

Rich Steinberg, the Manager of Electric Vehicles in BMW North America said “Our relationship with Real Goods Solar is an ideal complement to the BMW ActiveE experience. It expands on the BMW Group’s vision for sustainable, premium mobility solutions. We encourage all of our ActiveE customers to take full advantage of this outstanding program which will enable them to maximize their ultimate EV driving experience while minimizing their overall energy and driving costs.”

Will this idea take off?