Hyundai planning to rival BMW 3 Series

Hyundai want to be taken more seriously on the car market and rival the likes of BMW. They have recently been inspired to develop a vehicle that is able to a rival to the BMW 3 Series.

They have already performed wonders on the worldwide car market with the Hyundai Genesis. The stunning vehicle has been a game changer with more auto journalists and car fans taking the company more seriously.

Hyundai are no longer known as a “cheap brand”, as the Genesis suggests. The quality on that model along with the greatness upon the Equus sedan goes to show just how seriously Hyundai hope to move forward.

Despite that, their aim to compete with BMW is extremely ambitious indeed, according to a number of experts. BMW have an extremely reputable history and are the number one luxury car brand in the world. Will the target market opt for a Hyundai over a BMW?

If that plan was to be executed, Hyundai would ideally bring out a shortened version of the highly successful Genesis. It will contain the same rear wheel platform. The car would go on sale in 2014 or later according to reports, if it were to be developed.

Is rivalling the BMW 3 Series, BMW’s bestselling car of all time a feat too far? Recently the car was rejuvenated and released under a new generation in February of this year. Fans have taken to the car wonderfully with sales breaking new records.

Even Audi and Mercedes-Benz have struggled in recent times to catch up with their main rival. Audi is the fastest growing luxury car manufacturer in the world, but they have not been able to compete with BMW in major car markets. Mercedes-Benz, a onetime world number one, have fallen behind BMW in all major and emerging car markets. So how can Hyundai compete with that?

The BMW 3 Series looks stylish, handles beautifully, has plenty of variants to suit everyone, has a great amount of power, contains luxurious features, is comfortable, looks good inside out and has many more outstanding attributes.

If that wasn’t enough, it has also been suggested that Hyundai owned Kia will also come out with a 3 Series rival. It will be interesting to see what Hyundai do next.

The original Hyundai Genesis Saloon was designed to compete with the BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It has done pretty well in that category. Would the sporty version fair better?