How BMW plan to fend off Mercedes-Benz in the United States

The battle between Mercedes-Benz and BMW is getting closer and closer as each month progresses, too close for BMW’s liking. It is for that reason that BMW have decided to come up with a brand new strategy to keep ahead.

They plan to release a brand new all wheel drive platform for their best selling 3 Series sedan. Executives believe that this will keep the company ahead over in the American market. It is here where the luxury car battle has become more important than ever before. Last year it was BMW that finished first in a very tightly contested battle. The sales contest was so close that neither company wanted to reveal their sales figures first at the start of this year.

Lexus were a fallen company last year, thanks to the Japanese earthquake. After leading the American luxury car market for so many years, they unfortunately were nowhere near the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz last year. In 2012, they have managed to bring themselves back up the sales charts and push for both companies for that number one spot.

The world’s biggest car market, China, has seen sales fall slowdown recently in terms of luxury cars. It is for this reason that luxury car makers have heavily focused on the American market. The European market is in a very poor state at the moment, thanks to the Euro Zone crisis.

An all wheel drive 3 Series is bound to perform well in the American market. In the colder regions such as New York, they will prove popular. Brining out a new generation 3 Series in February should have done the trick, but more is clearly needed if BMW are to reach that number one spot. Mercedes-Benz countered the move by BMW and released a new version of their C-Class compact sedan and coupe. This greatly assisted in helping the company raise it’s sales to compete with BMW.

As things stand, Mercedes-Benz is ahead of BMW by just a few thousand. BMW won last year by the same amount. The sales battle between the two will go down to the wire again. Lexus are too far behind this year to push for a number one spot but they are certain to have a say next year. Audi are growing faster than any other brand mentioned. Where will they finish at the end of the year?