BMW X5 4×4 Review

The BMW X5 is a fantastic off roader and is also amazing on the road. It is a stylish vehicle that is desired by many. We take a look and see exactly why the car is one of the best.


The BMW X5 contains a great amount of space with a plenty of space for five people. The boot is huge with enough space for lots of luggage. A seven seater variant is also available. The driving position is excellent. A perfect view of the road ahead is given with all necessary controls within reach. The BMW iDrive is quite a nice touch too.


The diesel options are probably your best bet. The 50i petrol delivers a thrilling performance producing 402 BHP but it drinks a ton of petrol. The 30d is the most popular version producing 241 BHP. The car is economical and fast at the same time. The 40d is more expensive and more powerful but still makes for a very economical car considering it’s class.

Running costs

One of the best things about owning a BMW X5 is the low running costs in which it can provide. You will not be visiting the fuel pumps as much you would have to if driving a rival vehicle. Carbon emissions are excellent considering the category of the car. Resale values are very strong as is the case with all BMW’s.


Another attribute making the BMW X5 a near perfect family vehicle is the immense safety equipment which it contains. Stability control is included as standard. The security levels with the car are excellent making it difficult for everyone to break in.

Equipment levels

The X5 has an outstanding level of equipment as standard, which in general is expected with most BMW vehicles. The optional extras list is endless allowing all owners to personalise their car exactly how the way they want. Parking cameras and fog lamps are on the options list. The M Sport models will come with extras such as differently design alloy wheels along with specially designed seats.

Variants of the BMW X5

  • 4×4 xDrive30d SE 5dr – £45,055
  • 4×4 xDrive40d SE 5dr – £47,440
  • 4×4 xDrive30d M Sport 5dr – £49,480
  • 4×4 xDrive40d M Sport 5dr – £51,865
  • 4×4 xDrive50i SE 5dr – £56,440
  • 4×4 xDrive50i M Sport 5dr – £59,600
  • 4×4 4.4 V8 M 5dr – £80,795