BMW unveils new compact Concept Sedan

BMW unveiled a new concept model at the Auto Guangzhou, one of China’s largest international auto shows. The new compact car is aptly named the ‘Concept Sedan’ and is said to represent “the approach to life of a generation of youth in China”.


It’s quite a change for the German carmakers, as this new design is a front-wheel drive only model. If the Concept Sedan is put into production, BMW will opt for front-wheel drive, rather than their usual performance-driven four-wheel and all-wheel options. It’s said that the company has been looking into this change for a while, after consumer surveys suggested that drivers didn’t realise their BMW wasn’t a front-wheel drive. This switch will save costs and isn’t likely to affect sales because the younger target buyers care more about design and interior technology.

At the moment, we’ve only been given a look at the design of the concept. No technical figures or specs have been mentioned, although it does look like the model is almost production ready. Speculated to be based on the 2 Series, the Concept Sedan offers a premium compact model with clear driver focus and enough space for four passengers without compromising on quality.


The driver-focused model will appeal to BMW’s target buyers thanks to the balance between sportiness and luxury. The interior boasts comfortable sports seats, an 8.8-inch screen in the dashboard, touch-sensitive areas for efficiency and plenty of leather flourishes and wood finishes. The exterior makes it evident that the Concept Sedan is part of the BMW family, with “its signature kidney grille and eye-catching twin circular headlights”.

The car seems primarily aimed at the young Chinese market, but that’s not to say that the Concept Sedan will remain exclusively available to China. The demand for small premium sedans is high there, but it is also growing in Europe and the U.S.





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