BMW showcase the new M135i model

The new BMW 1 Series line up is set to receive an amazing new variant, named the M135i.The car’s first showing will be at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland next month. For those who are already by the sounds of the BMW M135i, it will be in showrooms before the close of the year.

Rival the Audi RS3

This is clearly BMW’s attempt to rival the Audi RS3, a spectacular car in it’s own right.

No official details

The news of the M135i is still at it’s very earliest stages, meaning official details of performance have not been revealed.

A 1 Series with a M badge

Importantly the car contains BMW’s prestigious M badge. This means that it joins the elite BMW M550d xDrive, the X5 M50d and the X6 M50d as part of the new M range. Clearly BMW take their performance vehicles very seriously. Although the car has not been pursued on the same level as other M badge cars, it still has a powerful engine and a sporty type of gearbox transmission.

Rumours of performance

This has not stopped enthusiasts and experts predicting what the car may able to produce. The engine is known as the M54S to BMW insiders and will be able to achieve 320 BHP along with 332lb ft of torque. The amount of power will derive from it’s turbocharged six cylinder powered technology built within.

No four wheel drive for the UK

There will be a standard rear drive offered with the car along with an optional four wheel drive system. However we will not get to see the left hand drive version as the xDrive is only likely to come with left hand drive.

Rumoured weight and speed

The car’s kerb weight will be approximately 1500 kg. Rumours also suggest that the car will reach 0 – 62 MPH in just 4.9 seconds and 0 – 124 MPH in just 17.3 seconds. The car’s speed will be limited to just 155 MPH.

 Component upgrade

As a consequence of the car’s performance being greatly enhanced the suspension will see an upgrade too. The car will contain larger tracks, drive lower and receive sport defined 18 inch wheels. The handling of the car is wonderfully improved. Now drivers can take corners at speed and receive a very exciting drive.

Brakes have also been enhanced, to provide more stopping power for all of that extra performance power.

The styling has also naturally been modified, with a newly designed rear bumper and twin tail exhaust pipes.