BMW send chills down your spine

BMW have released a set of frozen M3’s for the United States. Well, they’re not actually frozen; they’ve been made to look as if they have.

The rare edition vehicles are nothing new. They have been available for purchase for the last few years now. The colours made available at the moment are red, white and blue, in line with the American flag, an appropriate gesture considering the recent American elections. Some may look at the pictures and recognise the colours, even own one of them. The same colours were offered here in the UK on M cars.

BMW have cleverly marketed these vehicles and they are sure to prove attractive to prospective buyers none the less. Last year the only colour made available for the special edition was matte grey. It wasn’t the most exciting looking car but did manage to take the industry by storm; in fact it managed to sell all 30 editions that were made in just 15 minutes. The 2012 special edition M3 was frozen black, quite a common colour nowadays for sports cars. Next year’s special editions look to be a lot more exciting.

The changes only come with the looks it seems. The power hasn’t been upgraded. Then again does it need to be? It already has a 4 litre V8 engine which is capable of reaching 414 BHP. The vehicle has a Competition Package, providing more options in terms of performance and style. The suspension is lowered by 10mm, helping to make the vehicle look sportier and perform better. The package also incorporates 19 inch black alloy wheels.

The contrast of black around the car helps it look even more spectacular. The grills are nicely painted black along with the wheels and exhaust tips. On the contrary the interior of the car is mainly black with a contrasting coloured stitch, the same as that on the exterior.

Other special features upon the special edition include an electronic damper control and a sport mapping system for stability control.  In built satellite navigation systems are also included along with parking aids and voice command.

Only 150 of them will be made available for American customers. It will cost $76,395, around $15,000 more than the standard version BMW M3. In our opinion the frozen editions are pretty cool and do make the car that extra bit special.