BMW Middle East Sales increased by 15 per cent

Sales from January to September sales saw 15,805 BMW vehicles being sold in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern market consists of 14 different countries, with the German company hitting brand new records.
That represents a 15 per cent increase when compared to 2011. Sales include both BMW and MINI vehicles. The company also achieved its best ever third quarter in the region. September sales were at their highest ever for any single month with 1,981 sold official figures revealed. MINI sales alone saw a 19 per cent increase alone.
The United Arab Emirates is the largest market for BMW in the whole region. Just under half of all vehicles sold are accounted for in the UAE from January to September. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are next in terms of largest number of vehicles sold.

There was a great deal of increases within the Middle Eastern region. Markets that experienced growth included:
•    Jordan 50 per cent
•    Oman 40 per cent
•    Kuwait 31 per cent
•    Abu Dhabi 30 per cent
•    Qatar 19 per cent
•    Lebanon 18 per cent
•    Saudi Arabia 14 per cent

The most popular model was not the BMW 3 Series this time round, it was the BMW 5 Series. One quarter of all regional sales came from the 5 Series. The BMW 7 Series took 18 per cent of all company sales.

Alexander Eftimov, the Director of Sales and Marketing for BMW Group Middle East said the company had focused on driving the company forward, resulting in great increases within the region. He also stated that new models will help to drive sales forward and achieve greater success. “We are working towards ending the year with record sales and have no doubt that the new model will play a major role in helping us achieve this”. He said the company will continue to grow by working with partners to develop new technology. Investment will also be poured into staff as well as customer services.

This may feel like a role reversal for BMW in the Middle East. It is their turn to be the fastest growing luxury car brand, not Audi.
BMW Middle East managed to sell 18,657 vehicles across the region last year, achieving a 9 per cent increase. This year’s results will come as great news, helping them to retain their number 1 worldwide position.