BMW i8 sees red

Someone at BMW might still be feeling the Valentine’s love as a limited edition red version of their i8 model has been announced.

BMW’s i8 Supercar was already bold, Auto Express called it “one of the most crucial cars of the last decade” and “the supercar that saved the supercar” when it was first revealed in 2014, but it definitely just got a little bit bolder. The new ‘Protonic Red’ edition of the hybrid supercar adds even more colour to a car bursting with vibrancy.


Coming in a two tone red and grey finish with a sophisticated and subtle red themed interior decor, the limited edition version of the supercar will be on sale from September, but the limited edition tag will become even more limited to most members of the public once they see its £112,535 price tag. Alloy wheels and a black front grille are additional upgrades to the model, as well as a carbon fibre and ceramic trim on the inside. Fans of the supercar as it was will be pleased to know that, unsurprisingly, the car is unchanged mechanically, meaning this deluxe looking car will be a flash of colour on the roads reaching speeds of 0-62 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds.

Red can mean many different things to different people. Love, anger, passion… debt. And while the price tag for this limited edition supercar might leave many of us in the red, for BMW red is not a sign of slowing down or stopping.