BMW i3 at the New York Motor Show

bmwi3The BMW i3 hybrid is set to be launched at the New York Motor Show with a starting cost of £35,000.

The car captured the world’s attention after it’s initial launch as a concept, looking like quite a wholly futuristic and unique type of car.

Lease deals

Fans will be happy to know that the car is being offered with various different lease deals. BMW wants more customers to be attracted to the brand. There are not many luxurious type hybrids on the road, making the i3 a new concept to the UK market. From that perspective it would make perfect sense to offer the vehicle at a cheaper rate.

A BMW spokesman said : “Lease deals address many of the concerns about electric cars, and allow us to bundle up packages so customers can have, for instance, the option of BMW X5 loans on weekends, according to their needs.”

To begin with the vehicle will cost a great deal initially, about the same as a top end 5 Series. That’s mainly because the technology used is so new that the price tag must reflect the cost of research and development. Once the vehicle has been on the market for a while and gets more and more popular it is natural that the price tag will drop.

Hybrid and electric

It is highly likely that the i3 will be sold as a range extended hybrid vehicle or as a pure electric model. It is estimated that the hybrid vehicle will gain most of the sales however. This will contain a 168 BHP electric motor together with a 650cc two cylinder petrol engine. The electric version of the car will also use the same electric motor.

Both types of vehicles will have a limited speed of 93 MPH and will be able to reach 0 – 62 MPH in just 7.2 seconds. That’s quite a decent time considering the type of vehicle that it is.

The BMW i8 concept is expected to make it’s way onto the market by the end of the year it is believed.

Some sources have suggested that the new BMW i3 will not be the most suitable vehicle for daily use, with the mileage capability within the vehicle being limited.