BMW celebrate the M division with 60 new special edition cars

The M sports division has been a huge part of BMW’s history, helping them take sports performance road cars to a whole new level. BMW have recognised the significance and impact of the M division by releasing 60 new special edition cars destined for the UK. All of which will be spectacularly finished off in the colours of Red, White and Blue, keeping in tradition with the Great Britain colours.

Already the special edition BMW M3 and M5 performance vehicles are on sale now. Both will get satin finish exterior body paint work with full leather interior within.

As you have guessed already, none of the vehicles will come cheap. The BMW M3 Performance Edition has 30 models and will cost an outstanding £74,080. The BMW M5 Performance edition will make up the rest of the 30 vehicles and will cost £95,140.

The BMW M3 Performance Edition has an outstanding 4.0 litre V8 engine which is able to produce 420 BHP. The car has been lowered by 10mm coming with Competition Package Suspension. There is a seven speed M-DCT gearbox fitted within which comes as standard. The Electronic Damper Control and the DSC+ stability enhance the comfort and safety of the ride.

The M3 will be made available in Japan Red with a Frozen Red Wrap, BMW Individual Frozen White or BMW Individual Frozen Blue.  The matt black alloys really stand out on the car giving it a great deal of style. They complement other black features on the car wonderfully. The dark chrome exhaust blends in well with the deep tinted glass. The carbon fibre front splitter gives the vehicle a greater appeal with an intimidating look.
The inside is fully loaded with a Harman / Kardon Stereo. The all round parking sensors as well as BMW’s Professional Media Satellite Navigation System represent the best money can buy. Extras will cost £10,000 in total. If you want to buy the special edition M3 alone it will cost an extra £19,360 on top of a standard M3.

BMW M5 Performance Edition
The BMW M5 Performance Edition will come with a 4.4 litre engine under the bonnet, producing a maximum of 560 BHP.
20 inch alloy wheels along with a quadruple exhaust system, front kidney grille and side gills give the vehicle a wonderful look. They all come as standard by the way. Upping the ante will cost you a lot more but if you did have the money to buy this vehicle, you would probably select a few more optional extras which are never ending.