BMW and Mercedes-Benz team up for electric car project

BMW, Mercedes-Benz along with Daimler, Siemens and Continental Automotive along with many other German companies are combining to develop a brand new electric vehicle for the mass market.

Visio.M – $10.8 million funding

BMW are said to be leading the project, named Visio.M. The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research are said to be pumping in €10.8million for funds.

Weighing just 400 kg – 20 BHP of power

The project hopes to develop a car that has an overall kerb weight of only 400 kg without the battery. The battery will contain 20 BHP and 15 kW of power, at the same time meeting European L7e-class heavy quadricycle. Safety ratings will not be anything exceptional and will meet the same standards of a normal vehicle it has been claimed.

The TUM MUTE prototype to be used

TUM’s MUTE prototype electric vehicle will be initially used in order to carry out tests. These will include tests on the vehicle’s powertrain, energy storage and operational software. The MUTE has already been seen, firstly at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was developed by 200 staff and students from the Technical University of Munich.

A great type of electric car

The car uses a lithium ion battery which has a range of 100 km. A zinc air battery reserve will give the vehicle further mileage according to the university. The whole car itself weighed just 500 kg. There is space for two people with a decent amount of luggage space.

Sporty driving experience

However this is not your typical type of electric vehicle. It offers a unique and sporty driving experience, elements which are usually not heard of within electric vehicles. According the university, the car has “good cornering stability and excellent driving performance”

Stability control

As with most new vehicles, this car has stability control. During instances of when the car is dangerously unbalanced, stability control plays a major part in keeping everyone safe.

Weight saving everywhere

A central touchpad handles the entertainment system and navigation system. This is a weight saving measure. This also links into to smartphones.

How difficult it is

It seems unheard that BMW and Mercedes-Benz would team up for anything. However they have put their rivalry to one side in order to develop an electric vehicle. This is a testament as to how difficult it is to create an electric vehicle that is destined for the mass market.