BMW’s stolen without the keys

BMW’s are susceptible for theft thanks to a special device purchased over the internet. There is no need for the owner’s keys for the car to be driven away. It’s really that easy. The BBC investigated the matter on their popular TV show, Watchdog.

The Police are aware of this problem and are currently looking into the matter. They have been leafleting owners of BMW’s to make them aware.
BMW themselves have stepped away from any type of blame. They have stated that whilst the cars were being developed, the technology for this type of BMW theft was not around. Therefore it is not the fault of the car company. Criminals have adapted to the new means of driving a vehicle away without the need for any keys. In essence there is no BMW specific fault that was committed. They themselves are also victims to the crime.
BMW also stated that they are always on the lookout for criminal developments and are taking the issue very seriously. They stated that they work closely with the Police and The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. They have also announced that they are opening up an investigation immediately and that they are taking the issue very seriously.

BMW are adamant that their car’s meet all security standards and regulations.  They are currently in the process of upgrading their security technology within their X5 and X6 models made before September 2011. They are contacting owners and completing the upgrade work which is necessary to ensure that those BMW vehicles are not stolen without keys. The software is long overdue. The system upgrades are said to be available in the next 8 weeks. Many owners have already complained, saying that it’s too long of a wait for their vehicle to be safe.
BMW have had a lot to answer for. Despite claiming that the thefts are not BMW specific faults, there have not been many thefts of Mercedes-Benz’s and Audi models.

The new generation BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series is not able to be stolen with the thieving technology in question.
According to BMW, this not any means for a recall. They are therefore not contacting any owners regarding the situation. All BMW’s that have been built before September 2011 are eligible for a software update to prevent the theft of the car.