BMW’s Active E makes its debut in North America

BMW have showcased the brand new Active all electric model. Future generations of cars will be electric; there is no doubt about it. Car pollution and the rise in fuel prices make it inevitable that electric vehicles will slowly but surely become more and more popular.

BMW ahead

BMW are possibly the furthest ahead in terms of luxury car brands when it comes down to electric vehicles. The upcoming i Series, with the i8 already being shown off in the Blockbuster Mission Impossible film, represents the companies high ambitions in the market. The BMW i3 is expected to be unleashed onto the worldwide market in 2013.

Ludwig Willisch

Ludwig Willisch, the President CEO of BMW North America said that the launch of the new E model shows the companies intentions for the future. He exact words were  “Calling the Moloughneys Pioneers is very appropriate because they have shown the world that an electric vehicle can absolutely serve one’s daily driving needs without compromise. We learned a lot from all of our experience with the MINI E and we are looking forward to learning more in these next two years with the BMW ActiveE as we prepare for the launch of the first BMW i models in 2013. We are pleased that Tom and Meredith have agreed to stay with us on this journey.”

Leasing deal

Tom and Meredith Moloughney will lease the vehicle for two years, with a further 700 pre-selected customers receiving a BMW ActiveE too. The idea is to give feedback upon the vehicles, which will then help and aid the development of the highly anticipated BMW i Series.

A great car

This is the first pure electric car from the company. In typical BMW style, the car’s performance does not let down, producing 170 BHP and a maximum torque 184 lb-ft from the off. The car can reach 0 – 60 MPH in less than 9 seconds too, making it quite a speedy vehicle considering the power that is behind it. BMW have said that the car will be able to reach 100 miles on a single full charge thanks to its lithium ion batteries.