Audi becoming a major threat to BMW

Audi are threatening to knock BMW off their pedestal. For the last 7 years BMW have been the world’s best selling luxury car brand. Audi are breathing down their neck and are cutting down BMW’s lead in the run up to the end of the year.

August sales saw BMW’s lead ahead by only 2,110 cars. That represents a tiny margin as far as worldwide sales are concerned. That gap was a tremendous 40,513 last year in August.

Audi’s sales have seen a 13 per cent increase equalling 961,000 so far this year. BMW’s sales have improved by 7.8 per cent, with them selling 963,110 in 2012 so far.

Volkswagen, Europe’s largest car producer has poured in $25.6 billion into the company since 2002. This has certainly paid off. Audi were typically known as an “old man’s brand” before. They have rejuvenated themselves and have appealed to a wider market. Most importantly they have managed to appeal to young professionals. They have expanded their line-up to 12 model lines which is effectively double what they had in 2003. The stunning R8 sports car is one of the most desired vehicles in the world.

The battle between Audi and BMW got a lot more interesting in 2011. Audi managed to overtake Mercedes-Benz to claim the number two spot. It is now their aim to beat BMW by the year 2020. The way the market patterns are currently going it would be silly to bet against Audi. They are the fastest growing car brand in the world across many emerging and established car markets. They are the dominant luxury car brand in China, the world’s largest car market. The launch of the A3 is set to deliver even more sales to the brand.

Mercedes-Benz is not happy with them losing out to Audi and has gone out on the attack. They have built a plant in Hungary to increase production with cheaper costs. The new rejuvenated A-Class will go a long way to helping the brand catch up with the top two. This is the most revamped car from generation to generation ever seen. They are also planning to expand their line-up adding more cars.

If Audi manage to continue their strong growth figures month to month then they will eventually catch up and become the world’s number one luxury brand. BMW’s ammo may prove too much for Audi this year however.