An in-depth look into BMW EfficientDynamics

BMW EfficientDynamics looks to be shaping the future of the whole automotive industry. It somehow manages to keep all things about BMW (luxury, speed, quality, performance) whilst ensuring that car’s are as eco friendly as possible. BMW’s technology is clearly helping them fend off strong competition from the German rivals of Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Reduced rolling resistance tyres
Tyres are a major factor in the performance and economy of a vehicle. Typical tyres will waste energy as they are not appropriately designed. BMW develop tyres with a special type of material, ensuring that only areas of the tyre which are needed during certain instances of driving are used. This helps to save energy and lower the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Gear change recommendations
Typically most motorists are guilty of over revving their engines, consuming more fuel than needed. BMW EfficientDynamics include a gear shift indicator in their vehicles. This lights up whenever a gear is supposed to change at the correct time. If adhered too, motorists will save a ton on fuel costs. The system adapts to the driver’s habits, providing indications that suit the person behind the wheel, making it a wonderfully unique piece of technology.

Brake Energy Regeneration
BMW’s specially designed brakes are one of the major reasons as to how costs are kept down to a minimum. Energy from conventional vehicles is used whenever brakes are applied. With BMW’s Brake Energy Regeneration Technology, energy is saved and transferred to the battery, where it is then used to charge it. In essence, the kinetic energy that is saved is formed into electricity. With new found energy charging the battery, this ultimately means that fuel can be saved.

Auto start stop
The BMW EfficientDynamics team were one of the main pioneers of automatic start stop technology. When a car has this particular system within, the vehicle will switch off whenever the car is idle and not moving. For instance, when sitting in traffic, the vehicles engine will switch off. When the lights turn green and the car needs to move on, the vehicle turns on instantly when the driver operates the clutch pedal. Fuel consumption is naturally cut down as the car is not using any when it doesn’t need to. Naturally the environment is also better protected with less carbon emissions developing from the car.

Electrical power steering
BMW’s method of saving the customer from shelling out high running costs delves all the way down to the power steering. BMW EfficientDynamics have developed a system whereby an electric motor powers the steering to a certain extent. This ensures that energy is used only when the steering wheel is utilised. When the steering wheel is not in use and is kept in the same position, no energy will be used.

Air vent control
The air vents provide improved aerodynamics to the car. With a continuous airflow, there is better air resistance. The air vents are electrically opened and closed only when the engine needs cool air. With the air vents shut when not in use, meaning that there will less drag upon the vehicle allowing better fuel consumption and a smoother drive.

BMW’s engine technology
BMW’s engines are as everyone already knows are high in quality and efficiency. BMW have taken it a step further with their EfficientDynamics technology. The great number of direct injectors within the engines helps BMW establish a reputation of being market leaders when it comes to providing efficiency and cleaner driving. Fuel is directed to the correct places within the engines ensuring that nothing is wasted.
BMW Technology is continually improving with the spending millions on research and development every year. Expect to hear of new groundbreaking developments on more additions to the BMW EfficientDynamics family and more in the near future.