A look back at the BMW 507 (1956 – 1959)

s-2BMW demonstrated to the world that they had emerged fighting-fit from any post-war malaise at the 1955 Frankfurt Motor Show. The German carmaker unveiled a trio of vehicles, one of which was perhaps the most beautiful car ever made (depending on who you ask).

Sharing an identical platform, the three cars – a limoscene and two sports cars – wowed the crowds with their sleek styling and finish. The limo never made it further than the concept revealed in Frankfurt, but the two sports editions went into production as the 503 and the 507.

The 503 came first, but the 507 was the superior of the two. A sprightly low two-seater with a removable hardtop plus folding hood, the car looked both stylish and yet muscular as the performance undoubtedly proved. Under the bonnet, BMW’s throaty V8 did the running and was capable of firing the 507 along at 120mph.

A car like this was always going to be expensive. Only 252 were produced and anyone wanting one would have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Amongst the owners were Elvis Presley, John Surtees and Frank Sinatra, all of which presumably had deep pockets.


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