The BMW 3 Series Convertible review

There is no compromise in quality for the convertible version of the 3 Series, it just looks sportier and is more fun to drive in the summer. In terms of other convertibles in its class, it is harder to find one that is more stylish.

Take a look at what we believe are the car’s strongest points in our review today.

The drive

The vehicle is wonderful to drive, offering comfort and excitement depending on the situation. The bumps are soaked up well leaving everyone to sit and enjoy the ride in peace.


The engine choices are brilliant as usual with every 3 Series model. The four cylinder 320i is adequate enough but if it’s pure power that you desire then the 335i will suit you fine. This variant comes with a free revving engine that can produce an astronomical performance. A manual or automatic is able to be chosen with a twin clutch seven speed transmission.

Running costs

The BMW 3 Series Convertible running costs are kept down to a minimal and are extremely competitive. The car makes a great company vehicle with such low emissions and low tax bills. In terms of selling the car, you will be lucky with the fact the car holds its value extremely well.


The BMW 3 Series convertible has an immense level of safety equipment. Stability control is standard as are two front airbags, automatic roll over hoops, self drying anti lock brakes along with big body and head side airbags.

BMW 3 Series Convertible variants        

  • Convertible 320i SE 2dr – £33,700
  • Convertible 320d SE 2dr – £35,945
  • Convertible 320i M Sport 2dr – £36,305
  • Convertible 325i SE 2dr – £36,395
  • Convertible 320i Sport Plus 2dr – £37,305
  • Convertible 325d SE 2dr – £37,665
  • Convertible 320d M Sport 2dr – £38,550
  • Convertible 325i M Sport 2dr – £39,075
  • Convertible 320d Sport Plus 2dr – £39,550
  • Convertible 330i SE 2dr – £39,990
  • Convertible 325i Sport Plus 2dr – £40,075
  • Convertible 325d M Sport 2dr – £40,345
  • Convertible 330d SE 2dr – £40,345
  • Convertible 325d Sport Plus 2dr £41,345
  • Convertible 335i SE 2dr  £41,710
  • Convertible 330i M Sport 2dr      £42,545
  • Convertible 330d M Sport 2dr     £42,900
  • Convertible 330i Sport Plus 2dr  £43,545
  • Convertible 330d Sport Plus 2dr £43,900
  • Convertible 335i M Sport 2dr      £44,075
  • Convertible 335i Sport Plus 2dr  £45,075