More details on the BMW 3 Series Touring

The new generation BMW 3 Series has already made a great impact, not just here in the UK but around the world. Sales have broken records with BMW claiming they are just only getting started.

September release date

Things could be about to get a lot better for the UK car industry. The BMW 3 Series Touring is set to be released in the UK in September, with plenty of interest taken in the car already.

Earlier this week BMW decided to release more details about the car, including it’s pricing and specifications. Images have been released too. Inside out the car looks classy and extremely luxurious, just as you may have expected.

The BMW 320d – £29,380

The range will start with the BMW 3 Series 320d, which will be able to achieve a maximum of 184 BHP. The engine will have 4 cylinders helping to achieve an outstanding economy rating of 61.4 MPG and emit just 122g/km. In just 0 – 62 MPH the car will record a time of 7.7 seconds. It’s maximum speed will be 143 MPH. That shows that the car is no slow coach, despite having a reputation of being a more efficient and economical diesel. The 320d will probably be the most beneficial to fleet businesses and other customers with the balance between performance and economy being the best.

The efficient dynamics model

However when the Efficient Dynamics model is eventually released, this will certainly be the most popular vehicle to choose from.

The BMW 328i Touring – £30,400

Petrol fans will get a 328i Touring model that will be able to achieve a maximum of 245 BHP and hit 0 – 62 MPH in only 6 seconds. The car will be limited to 155 MPH. The economy is indeed quite respectable with an economy of 41.5 MPH and a C02 rating of 159g/km. In total the car will cost £30,400 as standard.

The BMW 330d Touring – £34,700

However the most expensive diesel will be the BMW 330d Touring which will cost £34,700. The combined economy for the car will hit 55.4 MPG with C02 emissions of just 135g/km. a 0 – 62 MPH sprint will be recorded at 5.6 seconds in this car.


After the launch of the original range, BMW will expand the line-up eventually. This is expected to include a 320i petrol and a 318d and a 316d.