BMW 3 Series Coupe Review

After already taking a look at the BMW 3 Series Touring and 3 Series Saloon, we look into the sportiest variant today.

The drive

We believe the driving experience within the 3 Series Coupe is it’s best asset. Just by looking at the car it does seem like it is one that will give anyone a good time. The 19 inch wheels look good but are also performance enhancing in the way that it helps the car grip the road tightly. The steering we believe is good enough so you shouldn’t have to opt for BMW’s Active Steering. Wind noise is kept down to a minimum as is the engine noise.


With all engine choices there is a great amount of power and performance to choose from. The four cylinder 320i offers a great deal of power with the 335i offering a staggering amount. The latter comes with a twin clutch seven speed transmission available in either automatic or manual.


The BMW 3 Series Coupe has a great deal of safety equipment in order to contain the great amount of power that the vehicle possesses. Within the vehicle come front, side and curtain airbags, a standard feature upon many BMW’s. Stability control is also on every model. The intelligent anti lock brake system keeps the brake discs dry if they get wet.

Some variants of the BMW 3 Series Coupe

  • Coupe 318i SE 2dr – £27,000
  • Coupe 320i SE 2dr – £28,530
  • Coupe 318i M Sport 2dr – £29,605
  • Coupe 318i Sport Plus 2dr – £30,605
  • Coupe 320d SE 2dr – £30,810
  • Coupe 320i M Sport 2dr – £31,135
  • Coupe 325i SE 2dr – £31,580
  • Coupe 320i Sport Plus 2dr – £32,135
  • Coupe 325d SE 2dr – £32,910
  • Coupe 320d M Sport 2dr – £33,415
  • Coupe 325i M Sport 2dr – £34,260
  • Coupe 320d Sport Plus 2dr – £34,415
  • Coupe 330i SE 2dr – £35,045
  • Coupe 325i Sport Plus 2dr – £35,260
  • Coupe 325d M Sport 2dr – £35,590
  • Coupe 330d SE 2dr – £35,595
  • Coupe 325d Sport Plus 2dr – £36,590
  • Coupe 335i SE 2dr – £37,230
  • Coupe 330i M Sport 2dr – £37,600
  • Coupe 330d M Sport 2dr – £38,150
  • Coupe 330i Sport Plus 2dr – £38,600
  • Coupe 335i M Sport 2dr – £39,145
  • Coupe 330d Sport Plus 2dr – £39,150
  • Coupe 335d SE 2dr – £39,270
  • Coupe 335i Sport Plus 2dr – £40,145
  • Coupe 335d M Sport 2dr – £41,185
  • Coupe 335d Sport Plus 2dr – £42,185