7,600 BMW 3 Series recalled

News reports from the United States have confirmed that 7,600 BMW  3 Series vehicles have been recalled. Just after the 2012 model has been released BMW have just had to release the worst possible news.

The new generation models being recalled

The reason behind the recall is said to be faulty headrests. This has the ability to cause severe neck injuries in the event of a collision. It is the new generation BMW 3 Series’ which have come under fire, with the variants built from the 18th October 2011 to 8th March of this year.

Fitting chips will solve the problem               

In order to rectify the problem, BMW centres will fit the vehicles with chips which will solve the problem.

A 25mm limit imposed

Laws in the United States state that headrests must stand at a maximum height of 25mm. The headrests within BMW vehicles are too high. Tests by authorities indicated that the headrests were too high which has subsequently led to a recall. When the headrests are lifted and standing in their highest position, it is understood that they exceed the 25mm limit.

No injuries reported

It be noted that no neck or back injuries have been officially reported. BMW will contact all owners in order to inform that their vehicles must be examined for potential faults. Their headrests must be thoroughly tested to discover whether they are standing higher than the law states.

Where’s the danger?

It is feared that the headrests sit so high that during the event of a crash they could in effect move downwards. This will potentially cause a greater deal of damage to the driver and front passenger.

Is this good news for Mercedes-Benz and Audi?

The BMW 3 Series is the company’s flagship model. It has been BMW’s top selling model since the company were first established. It was hoped that the revitalised BMW 3 Series will help the company blow Mercedes-Benz out the water in the battle for number one this year. Today’s negative press will not help matters. Can Mercedes-Benz and Audi take advantage of the situation?

Owners in the United States are being urged to contact BMW if they have not been contacted already regarding the problem. BMW are planning to notify all owners at some point this month. All repairs will be carried out completely free of charge.