25 years of the BMW V12 engine

In order to celebrate a fantastic 25 years of the BMW V12 engine, BMW have released the special edition 760Li. This will enter the rest of the 2013 7 Series range. The fact that it will be a special edition will be represented within the price tag, as the car will cost a staggering $159,695. A standard 760Li will cost $140,200.

The car will be named as the V12 25 Years Editions. There will be black floor mats along with Merino leather seats. Special V12 25 year edition badges will be embedded into the headrests, iDrive controllers and door sills. There are 20 inch wheels which are developed by BMW Individual. The headliner is made from Alcantara will be quite an attractive prospect too. Rear seat entertainment is another feature which separates the special edition from the standard edition. The shadow line exterior trim helps the car looks that bit more attractive. The steering wheel will come with black piano wood.

25 years ago the V12 was first launched named under the codename of M70. The BMW E32 7 Series saloon was the first vehicle to receive the engine. This developed 300 BHP and 330 pound of torque, quite an impressive figure at the time and even today. It has six units on a crankshaft which formed a 60 degree V12 working alongside a 5.0 litre engine.

The engine was so powerful that McLaren made a modified version and installed into their F1 supercar.
A 6.0 litre V12 twin turbocharged engine will power the car. It is able to hit a maximum of 535 BHP along with 550 pound feet or torque. In only 4.5 seconds the car can race from 0 – 60 MPH. The top speed is limited to 155 MPH. You have to believe that the car would be capable of hitting a much higher speed if it wasn’t limited.

There will only be 15 released in the United States of America. It is not known yet how many will be released here in the UK. Hardcore fans will be delighted to purchase a rare and special BMW which celebrates the illustrious history of the V12 engine.
As the 25th anniversary 760Li is such a great vehicle, we wonder what BMW will have up their sleeve for the 50th anniversary of the V12?