Reprogramming your BMW to optimise performance

As cars have evolved throughout the years, they have got a lot smarter through the use of clever technology.

BMW technology has now taken that step further, with them bridging the gap between automobiles and cars. The software to be made available will allow the 135i and the 335i models to be upgraded, delivering a more powerful performance.

Ultimately it will allow the performance to be improved. There is said to be two performance kits available to the car. The engine control chip will be reprogrammed by an authorised BMW dealer when the customer delivers their car. It will increase the performance with a boost to the brake horsepower figure as well as the torque that the car produces.

This will come as welcoming and exciting news to owners of the BMW 135i and the 335i, who desire that extra bit more power.  According to tests, a 335i that has gone through the alterations is able to achieve 0-60mph saving a time of 0.2 seconds compared to the normal version.

This new type of BMW technology will also work within the BMW X6 that were produced before 2010, the German company have stated.

The most expensive performance kit will include both hardware and software alterations. There will be a change of the radiator fan along with a new auxiliary water cooler. The exhaust sound is also said to be improved with a sportier and aggressive rumbling sound once the transformation has taken place.

The news has arrived from America. Details of whether this particular special BMW technology will be made available in the UK is not yet known.

Owners who want this particular kind of performance upgrade usually visit the aftermarket providers. This is quite common across all different ranges of cars. This seems like a very intelligent and clever method of bringing in more business to the company within a market that makes a lot of profit yearly, as so many drivers love to modify their car. Although BMW previously offered a type of modification that increases the performance of the car by replacing the engine chip altogether, the new method is a much cheaper and a more clever way of providing the upgrade.

All extra performance related kits that are installed will be covered by BMW’s warranty.

It really isn’t surprising that BMW technology is always being developed, even in small ways, to explore different avenues into the market.