BMW real time traffic information system

BMW have recently launched a Real Time Traffic update information system, named the RTTI. The technology will come as part of the ConnectedDrive feature and will available as an extra on new BMW models.

It’s a very sophisticated method of navigating through a journey, with the assistance of real time updates.  Accurate and up to date information will be provided as they plan their route and drive. BMW drivers can now rest assure that the route in which they are travelling is the quickest and most efficient.

It will work alongside a SIM card built within the vehicle that links with a GSM cellular network, which combines with the TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) that is built within. This combination allows all data to be sent to the driver in real time.

It sounds brilliant. What better way to avoid those annoying traffic jams that hold everyone up on their journeys. With the avoidance of frustrating congestion and drivers following the quietest routes, owners of the RTTI will seek instant benefits.

It’s works in a very similar way to the TomTom’s live feature. The navigation map clearly displays the traffic information. The different colours on the screen clearly indicate the flow of traffic, making it easy for the driver to understand. As the car is driving, the RTTI system can be updated every three minutes for a distance of every 500m. This means that current situations are able to be constantly monitored from a sizeable distance, allowing a more preferable change of route if needed.

A common problem with satellite navigation systems is that of hitting more traffic when taking an alternative route from it. That could be a thing of the past with BMW’s latest satellite navigation system.

Luckily for us, the launch of the new system will see UK maps and few other routes in Europe able to be used intially. For those who don’t want to plan their journey in their car, the RTTI will be made available on mobile phone devices through the BMW Routes web portal. This will allow drivers to plan their journey away from their car.

BMW technology has clearly taken major steps in adding to the driver experience in their cars.