BMW aims for the top

BMW president of North America, Ludwig Willisch, has said in an interview with The Times that he believes that the company can outsell all rivals. That includes the likes of Cadillac, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

We analyse some of the key points of the interview, which was given at the Los Angles Motor Show. It gave a great insight to BMW America’s targets and strategy.

American target

Willisch believes that is very important that BMW maintain their position as the number one luxury car manufacturer in America. He still did mention however how important it is for the company to compete for the number one spot throughout the world.

Success has always been important to us. Successful people like to buy from a successful company. For a long time we have not been the top luxury brand in the U.S. It is still more important for us to be the most successful premium manufacturer in the world, but since we have been leading in the U.S. for the last 10 months, we are going to go for it.”

He mentioned how introducing newer models have helped the company’s success in America.

“Bringing the new X3 and new 5 Series into the country has added to our sales. They have been quite popular.”

Customers more knowledgeable than ever

Willisch believes that customers do their research properly beforehand and know a lot of information about the model which they are considering purchasing. He believes the way forward is making the customer’s experience a pleasurable one.

He said “Customers used to come to our showrooms four or five times before they buy. Now they are coming once because they have done all their research on the Net, and you have to make sure that experience is good.

We have to be much more knowledgeable because customers are much more informed. They know all the details about our new car.”

Is Smaller BMW cars to sell well in America?

BMW America could be set to introduce smaller vehicles into the market, according to Willisch. He said

“We see a tendency to smaller luxury premium cars around the world. We see a tendency to smaller engines. So if you look five to 10 years out, we see smaller BMWs and smaller engines, and we are confident these cars will be very successful and be true BMWs.

I am really convinced that the X1 would sell well in this country.”

It will be an interesting to see how BMW performs among the luxury car manufacturers in American over 2012. BMW America has every chance of remaining at the top.