A BMW that drives for you?

Just when you think BMW have reached new levels of technology, they’re now implementing automated driving technology for their cars. BMW Research and Technology have completed 2,700 miles worth of testing on the “Automated Driver Assistance System”.  The results appear to be very promising.

The main aim of it all

To overtake slower travelling vehicles safely by automatically controlling the acceleration as well the brakes is the aim. As mentioned before testing has already been carried out. The prototype of the technology, which was installed into a BMW 5 Series Saloon, detects the traffic either side of the car on a motorway. From here the car can safely change lanes, leaving a safe and appropriate amount of space at an adequate speed. The technology recognises it’s surrounding in order to execute all of this.

The Automated Driver Assistance System uses a type of sensor technologies to successfully connect to digital maps, localisation data and a digital camera. This provides precise statistics of everything around, to ensure the technology is able to successfully achieve what it is designed to do.

Could there be more?

The technology may not stop here. It has been mentioned that BMW plan to make advances to their current developments. This may come in the form of assistance systems for parking as well as traffic jams.

Already within the Ford Focus Titanium, the automatic parking system will park the car automatically for you, so the driver doesn’t have to do anything.

The traffic jam assistance development will help drivers avoid the typical hassle and bother that naturally comes with the territory. The driver can relax whilst the car is automatically driven forward amongst the traffic, leaving a safe space in front and behind the car, so the driver doesn’t have to worry about anything. This will only take place with speeds up to 25mph when one hand is kept on the steering wheel.


BMW has stated that Automated Driver Assistance System is designed purely for motorway use only. But imagine the stress that it will take away coming home from work or parking in those tight spaces in town. Some could argue however that the technology could make drivers lazy and could distract their attention.

After this bit of news, be sure to hear about other great developments from BMW in the near future.