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The BMW M5

Everyone in the motoring world knows when a car is very close to being complete and then ready to be sold on the market because it can be seen racing around the Nürburgring. So, spy shots of the BMW M5, set for release in 2018, have been captured and therefore, we know that it is(…)

BMW to Update the 6 Series?

There are plenty of rumours circulating that BMW are going to not only update their 6 Series, but they will in fact be completely revolutionising it. There has been a BMW insider who Auto Express has talked to and this has given the motoring world some sort of clue to whether or not it will(…)

BMW’s South Africa Electric Plan

Yes, we know we have been boring you recently with the many articles which explain the world of the electric vehicle, but when news occurs, we have to report it. There is then, news on BMW’s electric car world. BMW in South Africa have just recently announced their electric vehicle charging  plan. This plan, which(…)

BMW Management Shakeup?

Looking into the future, BMW may shakeup its management in order to breathe life back in to the company. It is rumoured that there will be the appointment of a new finance officer and a new purchasing chief amongst multiple other important managers. BMW’s CEO Harald Kruger apparently wants to install a younger team to(…)

BMW Loosing Staff to Chinese Company

A Chinese company known as Future Mobility, have been handpicking some of the best automotive experts in the world. So who are they starting to grab, how are they doing this and why? Well, Future Mobility is a Chinese EV start up company who have the backing of some of the biggest Chinese tech firms.(…)

BMW Have Pays Homage to its Most Important Car

BMW are a company who have a rich motoring history and they certainly know how to be appreciative of it. It now marks 50 years since BMW released their infamous 02 Series and a result of this has been the creation of a concept car which pays homage to this. The big cats down at(…)

BMW’s won’t be Knocking People Down on its Own…

The age of autonomous parking is most certainly upon us. It is without a doubt the future of the automotive industry, and the major companies are fighting each other to become the leaders in the autonomous market. But just recently, it seems as if BMW have just taken a huge step in the race to(…)

BMW, the Company of the Future

BMW are a company of the future, there is no doubt about that. They have been producing a multitude of electric vehicles, producing futuristic vehicles like the i8 alongside plenty concept vehicles too. Recently though, BMW have been celebrating multiple anniversaries, and how have they been doing this we hear you ask? Well, by sharing(…)

BMW Facing Lawsuit in the United States

BMW are facing a lawsuit in California over their electric vehicle and a specific failure that keeps occurring with it. Although BMW will be taking it seriously, as of yet it is unknown if it will eventually be a huge problem or not. A US owner has filed a lawsuit against the German automotive company(…)

The Future Is Really Coming…

The future of the automotive industry seems to be one step closer than ever before. BMW have recently undergone a shareholders’ meeting and the result, was the outline of BMW’s and seemingly the whole of the automotive worlds’ future. Some time ago, we released information regarding BMW’s 100th anniversary concept vehicle. Called the Vision Next(…)

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