In 1986, BMW secretly built a E30 pickup truck

The BMW E30 3 Series was the car that cemented BMW’s reputation as a producer of top notch sports sedans, and to this day, it remains one of the most popular vehicles the German car maker ever produced. What few people know however is that back in 1986, BMW actually built a pick-up truck version(…)

Is this the coolest car on sale right now?

In the seventies, BMW built a race car called the M1. It was conceived for a number of reasons; chief amongst them a desire to stop Porsche winning everything it entered with its frighteningly quick 911. It was constructed from plastic, was staggeringly expensive and took so long to actually make it to the road(…)

BMW unveils concept X2 at Paris Motor Show

BMW is set to expand its Sports Activity Coupe range by releasing a new model to slot in the handily vacant spot between the X1 and X3 SUVs. The planned offering will be called the Concept X2 and was formally debuted at the Paris Motor Show currently underway in the French capital. It becomes the(…)

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