BMW owners can control cars from their couches via new app

On cold mornings, we’ve all experienced having to turn the car engine on 10 minutes before beginning your commute, just to warm it up – and the cabin too. This seasonal habit may be a thing of the past however, at least for BMW drivers, if the new app Amazon is touting comes to fruition.(…)

BMW celebrates 100 years

Most carmakers, when celebrating a historical milestone tend to embellish the glories of the past. For BMW – celebrating 100 years since being founded – it’s an opportunity to look to the future, as the company spends its next century aiming to push the definition of mobility. To mark the occasion, BMW will be highlighting(…)

BMW 1 Series and Toyota Aygo are UK’s fastest sellers

Figures released by Auto Trader show that the BMW 1 Series was the fastest selling second-hand car in the UK this year. The second-hand car website posted that the 2012 1 Series petrol engine hatchback with automatic gearbox took an average of 19 days to sell with an average price of £12,999 in August of(…)

BMW reach critical crossroad on electric car strategy

Last week, it was reported by Reuters that a number of BMW’s most senior executive panel were to miss the Paris Motor Show in favour of thrashing out a definite direction with regards to the company’s electric car strategy. The fact that members of the company’s upper hierarchy were prepared to miss one of the(…)

BMW wheelchairs: life at the Paralympics

At the Paralympics, currently thrilling the world down in Rio, there is a wheelchair designed by BMW, so valuable that it must be kept under guard in between races. It is the latest weapon in the arsenal of certain Paralympians’ as they seek to gain any kind of competitive advantage. High tech equipment has never(…)

General BMW driving tips

BMW drivers! Yes, we know you’re all great drivers. But sometimes, some general hints and tips from the manufacturer of your trusty Beamer don’t go amiss. Here’s a few driving and general maintenance ones from the engineers at BMW to make sure you’re driving and keeping your motor in the best possible condition. Steering wheel(…)

10 Reasons to buy a BMW 5 Series

When you’re forking out upwards of £31,000 on a new vehicle, it’s nice to have the reassurance you’re making the correct decision. If you’re spending it on a BMW 5 series, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes with the price tag. If you needed any further persuasion as to why the mid-range executive(…)

Leicester City stars forced to wrap £105,000 BMWs following owner confusion

When Leicester City’s players achieved the seemingly impossible and clinched the club’s first ever Premier League title, the team’s Thai owners were understandably generous. Each of the first team squad was rewarded with an £105,000 BMW i8. Problem was, they were all exactly the same colour. With the new season properly underway, replicating last year’s(…)

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