BMW 7 Series Update

The 7 Series’ are very rarely seen on the roads as they are the epitome of luxury. The limousine based models have been extremely popular amongst the elite since their introduction in 2015. This series is as high performing as it is luxurious, and this can generally be seen through the vehicles V8 and V12(…)

BMW’s All Electric Vehicle

BMW have had to face some serious truths when it comes to their involvement in the electric car world. The i3 and the i8 certainly haven’t been as popular as the Bavarian giants had originally hoped for. As a result of this, the i Division has consequently changed direction and is now focusing on driverless(…)

BMW’s New Plug-in Hybrid

The all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are only gaining popularity as time advances. This is down to the general public’s consistently raising awareness of the protection of the environment, and the continuation of more pressing environmental protection laws. This isn’t a bad thing for all automotive companies however as more models mean more sales(…)

The BMW Z5

The BMW Z4 was a particularly strange vehicle. It looked rather odd with two seats, a front mounted engine and all of the vehicles power was sent to the rear wheels. For those that are unaware, this screams sports car, but it was missing something to really define and set it apart from its competitors.(…)

BMW To Expand In Africa

The continent of Africa is rapidly growing, as it has huge market potential and the resources for it to become a large player in the automotive world. It therefore makes sense that BMW would invest heavily and create a suitable long term business plan for the future of the company in Africa. So, with this(…)

The Pacts Plans

We recently mentioned that BMW, Intel and Mobileye have formed a partnership in order to create a fully autonomous vehicle. Although this news was just a rumour a few days ago, it is now reality. From this reality, it is now clearer what each company will be offering to the deal, if it wasn’t clear(…)

BMW’s Super Safety Car

We hope here that everyone knows about the BMW I8. It deserves to be known, its name should most certainly ring aloud from the rooftops. The BMW i8, is the Bavarian automotive giants plug-in hybrid supercar. It is supposed to perform well, it certainly looks fantastic and it’s also environmentally friendly too, so what more(…)

BMW To Announce New Partnerships

BMW will reportedly release information of new partnerships between companies in the coming weeks, as it seeks to become the leading force in the autonomous driving market. With this, BMW will be able to utilise multiple specialities, whilst also being able to improve upon an already moving autonomous project. There have already been some huge(…)

Puma’s BMW Shoe

It is always strange when automotive companies and clothing companies share design departments and come up with something new and radical. This has happened many times already as many have seen Ferrari and Lotus shoes and Lexus have a complete clothing range too. So, with this news, what should we expect to see when the(…)

BMW US Sales

It is always interesting to see what the sales of major car companies are like all over the world. From this, usually one can gather either information on new trends, or how major companies are generally performing. Using the United States as a model is most certainly the best way to measure how well an(…)

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