BMW Add Emergency Service System to their Bikes

BMW have been a company which have provided many innovative ideas in the motoring world. Some may only see them as a car company but, the Bavarian outfit are instrumental in all areas of engineering. Recently for example, they have helped the US Paralympics and Winter Olympic teams in engineering innovative competition equipment. Since 1925,(…)

How Well is the BMW i8 Doing Now?

If you have ever seen the BMW i8, then you are extremely lucky. The car has been extremely difficult to spot, even with its ever increasing popularity in London. But, how well has the achieved the global recognition it deserves? And, how come it is doing so incredibly well? For those that have never heard(…)

The BMW M2 is Closer Than Ever, But What is the Hype About?

The newest addition to BMW’s M Series, the M2, has been on sale in the UK as of April 2016. It has been described as one of the most anticipated cars of 2016. But, what is so special about it and will it actually be as successful as people think? BMW’s M Series has been(…)

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