BMW Have Pays Homage to its Most Important Car

BMW are a company who have a rich motoring history and they certainly know how to be appreciative of it. It now marks 50 years since BMW released their infamous 02 Series and a result of this has been the creation of a concept car which pays homage to this. The big cats down at(…)

BMW’s won’t be Knocking People Down on its Own…

The age of autonomous parking is most certainly upon us. It is without a doubt the future of the automotive industry, and the major companies are fighting each other to become the leaders in the autonomous market. But just recently, it seems as if BMW have just taken a huge step in the race to(…)

BMW, the Company of the Future

BMW are a company of the future, there is no doubt about that. They have been producing a multitude of electric vehicles, producing futuristic vehicles like the i8 alongside plenty concept vehicles too. Recently though, BMW have been celebrating multiple anniversaries, and how have they been doing this we hear you ask? Well, by sharing(…)

BMW Facing Lawsuit in the United States

BMW are facing a lawsuit in California over their electric vehicle and a specific failure that keeps occurring with it. Although BMW will be taking it seriously, as of yet it is unknown if it will eventually be a huge problem or not. A US owner has filed a lawsuit against the German automotive company(…)

The Future Is Really Coming…

The future of the automotive industry seems to be one step closer than ever before. BMW have recently undergone a shareholders’ meeting and the result, was the outline of BMW’s and seemingly the whole of the automotive worlds’ future. Some time ago, we released information regarding BMW’s 100th anniversary concept vehicle. Called the Vision Next(…)

BMW 2017 2 Series Information Release

The next stage in BMW’s 2 Series will hit showrooms worldwide from 2017. At this moment we know very little about what will actually occur with this update. Although the information that we do possess, clearly shows a route that BMW are going to take with their beloved 2 Series. There are two major changes(…)


The BMW M4 GTS is the most recent addition to the ever popular set of modified street to track cars that big automotive companies keep unveiling. So, with the BMW M4 GTS, will it live up to the high price tags and extra engineering that has gone into its production, or will it fade away(…)

BMW Have Seen A Huge Surge with ReachNow…

BMW’s car sharing side of the business have only just attempted to really gain any credibility in the US market. Yet the result so far, has been fantastic. ReachNow is the name of the BMW led company and it offers car sharing across the city of Seattle. There is a range of MINI Coopers, BMW(…)

BMW M4 CS Limited Edition

All that we seem to be talking about in regards to BMW these days is the difference between the newest and different M4 vehicles that BMW release around the world. Just recently, we talked about the powerful M4 GTS which looks set to be unveiled this coming year. And now, we have a new M4(…)

BMW’s Series’ Are Internally Fighting

There have been multiple rumours and quite extensive reports originally published by Automobile, which argue that big decisions are going to be made in the coming few weeks in regards to the vehicles that make up the 6 Series. The reason behind this seems to be the 9 Series and internal fighting between the series’(…)

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