BMW to expand factory in US

Size matters for BMW; their big factory is getting even bigger. BMW’s large-scale factory in South Carolina, its biggest factory across the world in fact, will become even larger when a billion dollar expansion is carried out later this year, with the intention of bringing annual capacity to 450,000 vehicles. Last year, the plant in(…)

BMW’s future lies in customer service, says sales Chief

The customer is always right, Service with a smile and other nauseating clichés all apply to BMW’s plan to stay on top. In an interview with Auto News, Ian Robertson, the head of sales and marketing for BMW and responsible for sales channels across the entire group, shared how the automaker will further improve their(…)

BMW sales rise, speed up luxury car competition

News comes the same week they celebrate their 100th birthday – celebrations all round. Luxury carmaker BMW AG has announced a record profit year of 6.4 billion Euros for last year, a 10 percent increase from the year before. However, the outlook going forward is not as smooth as one might think, with an aging(…)

BMW gifts itself a futuristic new driving concept for 100th birthday

The lucky(?) few of us who get to see the age of 100 can most likely just look forward to a card from the Queen. To celebrate its centenary, BMW revealed their new concept car called the BMW Vision Next 100. The car will focus on the ubiquitous autonomous technology, and BMW says that the(…)

BMW’s turning 100, celebrating with new car

It’s lucky BMW are still hard at work at the grand old age of 100, because the way things are looking, everyone will have to work until 100 at this point. As part of their centenary celebrations, BMW are reportedly readying the unveiling of a new car, with a teaser image suggesting the car will(…)

BMW urge UK to remain in the EU

Car makers refuse to remain in the backseat when it comes to the ‘Brexit’ talks. BMW are the latest carmakers to join in the debate regarding Britain potentially leaving the EU. Harald Krueger, BMW AG Chief Executive said a British vote to exit the European Union would muddy the waters going forwards with the iconic(…)

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