BMW M2 can be made louder using Bluetooth

Combining the two things old people like to moan about most; mobile phones and loud cars. Announced as one of their official Performance parts for the M2, BMW have revealed an exhaust flap that can be opened or closed using a phone. The Performance parts have been released with the intention of reflecting components derived(…)

BMW i8 sees red

Someone at BMW might still be feeling the Valentine’s love as a limited edition red version of their i8 model has been announced. BMW’s i8 Supercar was already bold, Auto Express called it “one of the most crucial cars of the last decade” and “the supercar that saved the supercar” when it was first revealed(…)

BMW to clip wing mirrors

Wing mirrors could soon be flying off to pastures new, if BMW’s new plans work out. The concept, unveiled at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, is called the Mirrorless i8 and the idea is to replace the rear and side wing mirrors with a set of cameras that will project a fully(…)

BMW rule out all electric M cars, but says hybrid could be on the way

Whilst most car companies are crashing into each other vying to be the keenest and greenest around, BMW are taking an altogether different approach. For them, the engine stays in the picture. BMW’s Vice President of Engineering Dirk Hacker, a name almost too good to be true, has said in an interview with Auto Express(…)

BMW 7 Series – car or spa?

With more relaxing extras than a day at the spa, there’s never been a better gift for the road rager in your life than BMW’s newest car… if you’ve got a spare £96,000. Some of the features of the vehicle include massage chairs, tailor made fragrances and an artificially designed night sky, so driving the(…)

BMW and Mr Porter collaboration drives fashion forward

This is one model who definitely won’t be able to fit down the catwalk. Joining forces for the first time online fashion retailer Mr Porter and BMW i, a sub brand of BMW, have created an exclusive, limited edition electric model that will be sold on the fashion website. The BMW i3 is a car(…)

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