BMW unveils new compact Concept Sedan

BMW unveiled a new concept model at the Auto Guangzhou, one of China’s largest international auto shows. The new compact car is aptly named the ‘Concept Sedan’ and is said to represent “the approach to life of a generation of youth in China”. It’s quite a change for the German carmakers, as this new design(…)

The BMW 3 Series gets a new PHEV: the 330e

The new 330e is available to order now in the UK with first deliveries expected in April next year. Prices for the entry-level model start from £33,935. In an industry moving towards greener vehicles, the BMW 330e is the newest addition. The all new plug-in hybrid will join the other available models in the 3(…)

Spy shots of the new BMW X2 revealed

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a highly camouflaged BMW X2 on its first test drive in Munich, Germany. The new X2 boasts an exterior design collaboration between the best of its predecessors; the newest X1 and the X4. Offering an athletic crossover-SUV model to its standard X1 sibling, these spy(…)

BMW hydrogen breakthrough, with model coming in 2020

Your future car will run on water (but drive on the road). During the Tokyo Motor Show last week, BMW revealed their future project: a hydrogen fuelled car. And what sparked this new venture? After a couple of years researching, the German carmakers have had a breakthrough in hydrogen technology. The luxury car brand has(…)

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