BMW i3 at the New York Motor Show

The BMW i3 hybrid is set to be launched at the New York Motor Show with a starting cost of £35,000. The car captured the world’s attention after it’s initial launch as a concept, looking like quite a wholly futuristic and unique type of car. Lease deals Fans will be happy to know that the(…)

BMW may see declining profits

BMW has warned that their profits for this year are set to fall. The world’s largest luxury automotive brand make the most sales, but not necessarily making more profit. Money gone into investments The Euro Zone crisis has affected the car market in a highly negative manner and has finally hit BMW. Money has been(…)

The new BMW X6

The new BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe is so unique that when it was released it was described as being in a league of its own. That’s because there wasn’t another vehicle within it’s category. That may have been seen as a risky move by BMW but it was in fact a stroke of genius.(…)

BMW ActiveHybrid5

The new ActiveHybrid 5 is BMW’s entrance in the hybrid market. Looks wise it’s a beautiful car but the main interest within the car is it’s powertrain and economy rating. Power and performance Under the bonnet comes a turbocharged 3.0 litre straight six engine. This has been recycled from the powerful 535i which works with(…)

BMW at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

BMW have made an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show and are creating great interest, as they usually do at all motor shows. They brought along their BMW i3 and the new BMW i8. The new i3 city car came in Coupe format. The vehicle looks futuristic, with each concept looking more and more likely(…)

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