BMW 3-Series receives new engines

The BMW 3 Series will have extra engine options as part of their 2013 upgrades. A brand new 320d Efficient Dynamics Touring model has been added. There will be two brand new petrol and diesel engines along with the first ever 3 Series Touring AWD in the UK. EfficientDynamics The 320d Efficient Dynamics Touring could(…)

The 2013 BMW Z4

The new 2013 BMW Z4 in March of this year. The model has been modified slightly but most of its main character remains. Changes include a different style of headlights which come with LED corona rings. On the side repeater LED side lights have been placed for extra style. The headlights will have an extra(…)

The new BMW X135i

The BMW X135i will be designed exclusively for the American car market. The German luxury car company are adamant that they will retain their number one position in the world’s second largest car market and are using strong tactics to do so. Firstly, it is a very fast vehicle considering its size and type. From(…)

BMW i3 Coupe Concept

The new BMW i3 has been the subject of great speculation since it was announced. It’s a practical yet stylish electric car, not to mention luxurious, a hard combination to find. BMW are testing whether this particular sportier version will take off around the world. The Coupe version is lower and slightly bigger in terms(…)

BMW send chills down your spine

BMW have released a set of frozen M3’s for the United States. Well, they’re not actually frozen; they’ve been made to look as if they have. The rare edition vehicles are nothing new. They have been available for purchase for the last few years now. The colours made available at the moment are red, white(…)

The 2013 BMW X1

The 2013 BMW X1 has been updated for the New Year. It was certainly needed given the stiff competition from other areas of the luxury SUV market. Some of the outer body exterior has been altered for nicer coloured body panels. The LED headlights give a nice distinctive look to the vehicle as do the(…)

The BMW i8 roadster showcased in Los Angeles

The stunning BMW i8 has finally been showcased in Los Angeles. What better event to make an appearance than the Los Angeles Motor Show. There are no technical details regarding how the roof mechanism will work. Carbon fibre material is almost certain to be involved. The roadster and the coupe model will use the same(…)

BMW taking advantage of growth in Brazil

The Brazilian car market is currently experiencing a strong growth period. Experts are so confident in the country’s automotive industry that they are predicting that it will be the number three industry in the world by 2015, behind China and the United States. BMW are ready to take full advantage. The world’s number one luxury(…)

The Telsa Model S beats the BMW M5 in drag race

In a drag race back in October in a 0 – 100 MPH race, The Telsa S beat the BMW M5. You probably don’t usually hear of an electric vehicle at a drag race but the Telsa S is no ordinary type of car. The sporty electric vehicle managed to beat the highly published M5(…)

The BMW X1 in Australia

A new BMW X1 has been released in Australia, with plenty of hype to go with it. Many fans will be happy, since the X-Series has been so successful in the country over the last few years. It has been the X3 and X5 models which have proved to be a great success over the(…)

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