BMW Middle East Sales increased by 15 per cent

Sales from January to September sales saw 15,805 BMW vehicles being sold in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern market consists of 14 different countries, with the German company hitting brand new records. That represents a 15 per cent increase when compared to 2011. Sales include both BMW and MINI vehicles. The company also achieved(…)

BMW move to Iceland to save energy

BMW have moved a data centre to Iceland at the Verne Global’s data centre in Keflavik. The High Performance computing lab will be powered by renewable energy. It is estimated that overall, 3,600 of carbon emissions will be saved per year. The original location of data centres were in Germany, where 6.31 GWh of energy(…)

The BMW Active Tourer Concept

The BMW Active Tourer Concept was recently unveiled as a showcase of future car technology from the German car company at the Paris Motor Show. There has been speculation that the car could go on to make it into production. If that occurs, it could out to be a revolutionary move for BMW and the(…)

The BMW 328i Touring

The BMW 3 Series is as everyone knows, the company’s bestselling vehicle. Its popularity is there for everyone to see, as most luxury cars you on the road will be 3 Series. For those who require a slight bit more practicality within their model, the BMW 328i Touring maybe better suited. The difficulty with estate(…)

What’s more important, a car’s driving experience or Facebook ability?

BMW’s social media campaign has come under fire from car enthusiasts. A few years ago, when you saw a BMW advert, you would see and hear the car’s performance being promoted along with its groundbreaking engine and safety technology. Now it seems that BMW have targeted a market that is interested in updating their Facebook(…)

The new MINI Roadster

The MINI Roadster cost is a delightful looking car with quite a hefty price to go with it. Will the car live up to it’s promise? The car costs £20,905. The car will come with optional packages including a Sport Pack, which costs £1,865, the Media Pack which costs £1,435, a Vision Pack which costs(…)

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