BMW America sales take shock dip

BMW sales in America have fallen dramatically for the month of August. The 19 per cent fall was due to not enough vehicles being produced thanks to massive sales in both June and July. During this period there was a massive promotion which helped BMW sell vehicles that were still within the showroom. The vehicles(…)

The BMW 114d coming to the UK

The BMW 114d has been confirmed for UK showrooms. There are new additions and changes to the 1 Series and 3 Series line-up this year. The company are refreshing their brand in order to stay on top and move forward. The new diesel 1 series in question will be the entry level vehicle for that(…)

BMW praises Apple for sudden white car frenzy

The colour white on cars was not so glamorous a few years ago but suddenly they are highly desirable. White cars are fashionable once again. White is the new black. Motorists in American have especially taken to white cars. Before the main colours of choice were black, blue or silver cars. White cars now top(…)

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