Toyota will supply BMW with hydrogen fuels

BMW and Toyota have combined to give the German company help on hybrid drive-train technology and hydrogen fuel. The deal represents a true landmark and shock as it is the first time that Toyota has helped out their rivals in such a fashion. The deal was originally struck at the end of 2011. BMW obviously(…)

The BMW M6’s debut

The BMW M6 was shown off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from July 28th to the 1st of July earlier this year. The vehicle contains a V8 M TwinPower Turbo engine which is capable of giving out a staggering 560 BHP. Is there any need for more power? Both the M6 Coupe and M6(…)

BMW’s Chinese sales help make up for Euro crisis

BMW have confirmed that their sales are strong once again despite a blip in Europe. The company’s weak sales in the European region have more than been made up for in China. Demand for luxurious vehicles in the world’s largest car market has been on the up in recent times despite signs of an economic(…)

BMW Sticher SmartRadio available for iOS users

BMW have announced that their latest app will be made available for Apple smart phones. The app, named Sticher SmartRadio will be made available for models that have the ability to connect to BMW Apps. BMW are following Ford’s example, who have already made the radio made available upon their list of apps. Ford made(…)

BMW’s travelling showrooms

BMW have thought of a unique way to connect with customers in India. They have mobile showrooms which have been travelling around India attracting plenty of attention. This way BMW can connect to customers that are not based in major cities such as Mumbai or Delhi. The mobile showrooms are in the same place for(…)

BMW X1 with front wheel drive

BMW will develop the new X1 with front wheel drive it has been confirmed. The second generation of the vehicle will be released in 2015 with BMW planning a major overhaul. The planned engineering change will replace the rear wheel drive system that is currently within the current generation of the BMW X1. The new(…)

BMW set to invest £250 million here in the UK

BMW have announced that they are to invest a staggering £250 million here in the UK. The money will go towards the company’s MINI brand, where an increase in demand has justified the capacity being increased. BMW, the world’s largest luxury car manufacturer, are hoping to increase the Mini brand’s presence across the world. That(…)

BMW India rolls out their 250,000th car

Just as reports emerge that BMW have been toppled by German rivals Audi, some positive news has been released at the same time. It has been revealed that BMW have produced their 250,000th vehicle in their famous Indian Chennai plant. The Chennai plant in India produces the BMW 5 Series, the BMW 3 Series, the(…)

BMW hiring more permanent staff and ditching temps

BMW have recently let go of thousands of temporary staff in order to make way for permanent staff to be taken on. The number of temporary workers was in effect cut by half. There are 12,000 temporary workers at present at BMW. That number is expected to hit 6,000 eventually. This gives those temporary staff(…)

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 prices announced

BMW have announced the prices for their upcoming ActiveHybrid 3 Series which will be launch in July. The eagerly anticipated vehicle will cost £40,225 coming available with the trims of SE, Modern, Luxury and M Sport. The BMW 3 Series uses a 3.0 litre TwinPower engine that contains six cylinders. This combines with a 55(…)

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